Barrie Foster


Hi there, my name is Barrie Foster. I am a qualifed integrative counsellor, multi-modal therapist, author, and trainer. I trade as Barrie St John whilst providing consultations for clients in the Harley Street Clinic, London, whilst I am teaching therapy, and also whilst conducting lectures/seminars.

A resourceful past...

I soon learned that if I wanted to get anywhere in life, I had to put in the extra effort to get there. For years I worked very hard and achieved useful skills in many different areas. But the 1980s recession changed my working life completely. I looked at this change as an opportunity to try something new, to push myself out of my comfort zone, take some risks and challenge myself. I chose to see just what I could achieve.

This was an important episode in my life and a huge part to finding out my own strengths and capabilities. You can read more about how therapy changed me and how I work with clients in a recently published book called The Clients Dance, available from Amazon.

I went on to study, learn and qualify in different psychotherapy models, like integrated counselling, EMDR, NLP, clinical hypnotherapy and solution focussed therapy.

I like to keep the attitude that we never stop learning and developing. We people, if we choose, can learn and grow all the time, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone to discover more about our capabilities. We can create our own opportunities in life, if we are prepared to put in the effort to get there.

I qualified to work in private practice in the 1980s and worked both full and part time whilst continuing to develop in other areas of my life. I lectured for a large London based training organisation, delivered talks and lectures to fellow therapists, and developed my own practical based therapy. During this time, I also travelled around the UK and to South Africa facilitating and assisting with workshops and seminars. 

In the 1990s, whilst working in an inner city high school, I advanced further as a professional ethical counsellor and therapist: I developed the first in-school counselling service for young people in Leeds, West Yorkshire. In the background, I continued to work in private practice, going on to develop a practice in central London, Harley Street, and gaining further experience whilst working for the NHS.

Now, I bring my professional experience as a competent counsellor and therapist, and, first-hand experience of personal change, to help clients recover from difficulties and reach a more comfortable place in your life. 

Working together, as a team, I can help you to discover your own strengths and resources and build a stronger you.

College Gardens, South Africa.