More positive affirmations

01/07/2015 23:20

Retrain yourself to be kind to you - give yourself a gift.


  • 'I am healthy, strong, powerful, harmonious, happy and loved!'

  • 'I enjoy clean, fresh air. I breathe pure, clean fresh air.'

  • 'I welcome each new day as a wonderful gift.'

  • 'I am filled with energy and vitality.'

  • 'Each morning I wake up feeling vibrant and sparkling.'

  • 'Because I have a strong desire to suceed, my mind is agile and responsive.'

  • 'I feel bright, alert and full of energy!'

  • 'I tackle each new day with confidence and enthusiasm.'


Teach yourself how to be kind to you. Choose an affirmation, write it on a card and pin it up where you can read it aloud to yourself every day.