Books by Barrie Foster (trading name, Barrie St John)


The Client's Dance, author Barrie Foster,  is for anyone who is interested in psychotherapy or counselling.

Barrie: I chose to write it because I wanted to simplify what I feel is important in the client and therapist relationship. With an introduction about my history, how I came to be where I am, I go on to talk about what I believe makes a good therapeutic relationship.

Described as ‘advocating a new approach’, this book could change the way you work with clients, or at least remind you of what is important when sat with a vulnerable person about to put their trust in your work.

Barrie: What if I said, you focus too much on your left brain and thinking mind, instead of trusting your intuition coupled with your professional qualities? I suppose the more clever you are, the less likely you will want to take notice of a little book like this one.

When we work in the client’s world, it’s not something plucked out of a text book, clients are real people, not pawns in the games we call ‘models of therapy’. Left brain logical thinking can get in the way of helping a client and can make the therapy too complicated. It really doesn’t have to be that way. There are no academic qualifications in sensitivity, compassion, sensory acuity, awareness and experience. Change is not an academic exercise.

What if there was a way of being with a client that produces better results?

Barrie : My journey through personal and professional development has shaped who I am today. I believe that there are many therapists and counsellors who continue to miss the gems from a client’s behaviour because they are too focussed on their method of working and the therapeutic models relating to the therapy they studied at college and university. Whilst I am not a writer or an academic, I am professionally and ethically qualified within my field of work. I believe it's about getting a balance between theory and practice, attending good supervision, and abiding by a professional code of ethics.

Over the years, I have felt disappointed that some therapists and counsellors religiously apply models of therapy onto their clients, or work directly from textbooks, instead of working with the person sat in front of them. I believe that some are missing the diamonds that their clients give through non-verbal behaviour, often displayed within a few minutes of the first therapy session.

We need professional and ethical qualifications to do our job, but when it comes to helping a client, ‘doing’ is what matters. How many pieces of paper we can produce is not as important: if we fail to get a good enough rapport with the person sat in front of us, or don’t work in the client’s world, then we might as well not bother. In this quick fix and hard faced world, I believe that less and less attention is now given to the importance of the actual therapeutic relationship and the foundation needed in order to help a client process their feelings.

Through this book, I have attempted to pull out the important subtleties that can help a professional work with the client’s process and in the client’s own world.

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