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More positive affirmations

01/07/2015 23:20
Retrain yourself to be kind to you - give yourself a gift.   'I am healthy, strong, powerful, harmonious, happy and loved!'   'I enjoy clean, fresh air. I breathe pure, clean fresh air.'   'I welcome each new day as a wonderful gift.'   'I am...

Use all of your senses

01/07/2015 23:16
Use all of your senses more of the time: the things you see or notice, what and who you hear, the feelings you have, what you taste or smell, the words you say to yourself and how you understand. Appreciate yourself. Ask yourself at the end of each day, What beauty did I see that made me feel...

Focus on what you want

01/07/2015 23:10
Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. Because of the way our mind works, when we tell it not to think of something, very often that is the very thing we can't get out of our head. For instance, try this: Don't, think of a yellow horse with purple dots! You probably had to create a...

Learn from your past

01/07/2015 23:06
You've probably hear the saying, 'use the past as a springboard'. Develop a belief that any negative experience can be turned around. We can learn to change how we feel about most things in life. For instance, if you get a bus home from work and it goes the longest way around until it reaches your...

Believe you have potential

01/07/2015 23:04
I believe you have potential. If you do too, we are three-quarters of the way to a better you! Keep it going! Sometimes you may need to push yourself on or even ask someone to do the pushing for you. Remember, it is okay to ask for help. Give yourself an encouraging pat on the back, and say nice...

Learn and grow

01/07/2015 23:03
Develop a belief that you never stop learning and never stop growing - you will then never stagnate and will stand less chance of getting bored with your life.

Trust in your own abilities

01/07/2015 23:00
Learn to rely on yourself by trusting in your own abilities. Once you learn more about yourself, you will get to know your strengths. Even if you are the only one in your household who can get the lid off the Ketchup bottle - it's you who can do it! Recognise little subtle changes you make. It...

Get to know yourself

01/07/2015 22:57
Practise being 'you' - stop trying to impress others. There is only one you, and you are unique. You have a place in this universe - be curious and be interested in yourself. Not in a vain way, but with a genuine interest. When you find yourself interesting, others will find you interesting too....

Believe it or not, you always have a choice

01/07/2015 22:55
Break the habit of believing you do not have a choice. If you can't find a solution to your problem, ask someone who might be able to point you in a better direction. Keep on asking; become curious. It might be that you need to go to a self-help group or speak to another professional - keep on...

What you think is what you get

01/07/2015 22:52
If you truly believe you are helpless, you may well be helpless. Learn to believe you are so much more than the negative thoughts you hold about yourself. Believe you are worthwhile and give yourself a break, even for five minutes per day. Those five minutes could be the start of a new foundation...
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